Ardmore Baptist Church's Handicrafters Ministry provides items to numerous agencies, hospitals, etc. throughout Winston-Salem. The group meets every Thursday; 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. in F208/F221.

In 2002, one of our members had a dream about the ladies of Ardmore starting a new mission work in our community. In October of that year a group of ladies met to use their talents for sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc. to help those in need.

Their mission was and is two-fold:

  1. to provide loving care for people of all ages by sharing their time and talents through handicraft;
  2. to minister to people with special needs, either individually or through organizations, by the giving of our time and talents to provide tangible expressions of our love and concern for them.

After completing our first project (making aprons/bibs for the Senior Services Adult Daycare Center), we began to discover other groups that needed help.

The ministry has grown and now provides items to many agencies. Through donations of fabrics, supplies, and finances from Ardmore Baptist Church members and businesses, thousands of items have been made and delivered across the community, state, and nation. In 2016, 10,658 items were made and donated - more than 4,750 volunteer hours. Handicrafters Report 2016

Recipient agencies include or have included: Newborns in Need, Foster Children's Agencies, Children's Developmental Services Agency (Amos Cottage), hospitals and medical centers of Lexington, High Point,  Winston Salem, Thomasville, Wilmington, Tarboro, and Asheboro; Cancer Services, Hospice & Pallative Carecenter, Kate B. Reynolds Hospice Home, Brenner Children's Hospital, W-S Health Care Centers (including nursing and assisted living facilities and The Shepherds Center).

The items include:

  • For adults - aprons/bibs, fidget aprons for dementia patients, lap robes, neck pillows, knee pillows, walker and wheelchair caddies, and comfort/rainbow dolls. 
  • For infants - blankets, bibs, burpies, diaper bags, and washcloths.
  • For children - blankets, pillows w/pillow cases, tote bags and comfort/rainbow dolls.

Several other churches have heard the good news of this ministry and have begun similar programs in their own churches. Anyone wanting to give of their time is invited to join this ministry. There is always something for everyone to do.

Special Projects -

May 2015: Members of our Adult Choir went to NY to join 200+ singers and orchestra in the premier of Pepper Choplin's "Our Father: A Journey through the Lord's Prayer," at The Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall. They took with them 54 "Our Daily Bread" bags containing a blanket, pocket square with a cross inside, and toiletries. The bags, blankets, and pocket squares were made by adult and youth handicrafters.

Eyeglass casesFebruary 2017: In just 3 weeks, the Handicrafters made 1,185 eyeglass cases for the Peru Medical Mission Team.