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Winston-Salem Chinese Christian Church (WSCCC)

WSCCC2Winston-Salem Chinese Christian Church (WSCCC) celebrates its 12th anniversary this year, but the story of WSCCC has really been more than 20 years in its making through the working of each part in the body of Christ in Winston Salem.

Currently we have about 70 adults and youth church members. We meet for worship services on Sunday mornings at Ardmore Baptist Church in the vicinity of Wake Forest University Medical Center where there is a high concentration of Chinese scholars. During the week, we also meet for Wednesday evening prayer meetings and for Friday evening Bible studies. We come together to exalt Christ, to edify Christians, to evangelize Chinese, to establish churches, and to enrich community among Chinese people. The mission of WSCCC is to take the Gospel to the Chinese people in Winston-Salem, and make them no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God's people and members in God’s family.

WSCCC4We also serve the Winston-Salem Chinese community through events such as the celebrations of Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Christmas. On Easter and Thanksgiving, we invite special speakers to lead evangelistic and revival conferences. We also organize trips to summer camps and winter retreats. Each month, we have fellowships to enjoy weekend time in the comfort of church members’ homes or going outside. These activities expose more seeker friends to the Gospel and build up the faith in believers, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ Jesus.

The story of WSCCC is a story of God’s grace and guidance among the Chinese believers and American Christian friends in Ardmore Baptist Church. Hope to see you here, the spiritual family God created for His children in Winston Salem.

WSCCC Milestones

WSCCC31993   The first Chinese Bible Study group in Winston Salem started at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Tan, and moved to Calvary Baptist Church the next year.

1999  A monthly fellowship gathering was added under the leadership of Dr.Frank Li. The fellowship group met at College Park Baptist Church to reach more students and scholar from Mainland China at the nearby Wake Forest University main campus.

2000  With the help of Rev. Scott Freese, a campus minister, the fellowship group moved to Ardmore Baptist Church to reach a high concentration of Chinese scholars at the Wake Forest Medical Center. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Gentry, Mr. and Mrs. David Bissette, and others at Ardmore Baptist Church started an English program and Sunday School in English to reach Chinese friends.

2002   The Ardmore Baptist congregation voted in October to establish and support the Chinese Mission. WSCCC was born, and held its first Sunday worship service on November 24,2002, with Dr. Frank Li as the Chinese pastor.

2007   Dr. Chaoyang Peng was called in September to be the minister of WSCCC.

2012   Yingyan Kuo became the advisory pastor to the Chinese congregation on June.

2013  WSCCC turned a new page in October by calling Scott Hsu to be its new pastor, to take on the challenge with renewed strength to pastor the church and reach a changing Chinese community in Winston Salem.

WSCCC Contact Information

WSCC1Pastor:             Scott Hsu

Phone:             336-725-8767, ext.36 (office)

Email:              contact@wsccc.net

Address:          501 Miller Street
                          Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Website:          www.wsccc.net

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