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What is Shared Ministry Anyway?  

Shared Ministry is a fresh way of being church. It is based on a partnership between laity and clergy which assumes responsibility for living out God’s life in a particular place.

In her article, “Shared Shared Ministry LogoMinistry Is Good For All Congregations”, Judith A. Urban writes: “Shared ministry refers to what some people would call volunteerism in everyday life - activities such as helping out in a child’s classroom, working on a political campaign, giving time delivering flowers in a hospital, or doing unpaid work for a charitable organization. The term service is often used to refer to the work of volunteerism. The term shared ministry refers to a particular type of volunteering - all the many ways members of a congregation serve their faith community and the wider community. The statements typically made about shared ministry are such things as “People are invited into ministry, they share their gifts in performing their ministry, and the congregation has many ministry opportunities available to its members.”

Shared ministry creates a congregational culture in which each member is invited to participate in ministry and helped to do so through proven systems and processes. It brings new life and energy to the congregation. Members learn that all people have gifts and all are called to use them in building the reign of God. Shared ministry creates the environment in which this can actually happen.

Shared ministry has the potential to transform a congregation. A faith community concentrating on building a culture that pays great attention to the gifts of all its members - that nurtures their growth and development and supports them in a systematic way - will find itself attracting more members and carrying out its unique mission more effectively than previously imagined possible.”

The Key Features of Shared Ministry Are

  • Exploring what the Church is called to be and do;
  • Helping the Church to choose priorities and shape a vision;
  • Promoting the mission of the Church;
  • Enabling the congregation to develop its faith and discipleship;
  • Identifying and addressing the needs of the wider community;
  • Discovering and nurturing the gifts and ministry of everyone;
  • Providing support and training as needed.

Shared Ministry

  • Puts Christ at the heart of things - through a commitment to prayer and learning together.
  • Recognizes and enables the ministry of the whole people of God as equal and full members of Christ’s body - helping them to grow in confidence and develop the avenues of service to which God calls them.
  • Is rooted in and expressed through a particular congregation - seeking to be responsive to its context.
  • Helps to focus our mission priorities - encouraging churches to reflect upon where God is already at work in their communities and helping them to discern what sort of church they are called to be.
  • Links us with others in the area - sharing good practices and inspiring and encouraging each other.

Understanding the Place of Gifts in Shared Ministry

  • Every person has been given gifts by God.
  • God brings together people with necessary gifts to accomplish what God wants the church to do.
  • People are challenged and encouraged to discover and use their God-given gifts for strengthening the body of believers and building the Kingdom of God.
  • Shared ministry calls for people to serve out of their giftedness, passion, and calling.

Ardmore's Shared Ministry Teams

  • Worship, Music, & Arts
  • Missional Engagement
  • Administration & Support
  • Faith Formation & Engagement
  • Invitation & Hospitality
  • Congregational Care

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