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Administration & Support Contacts

Mike Nuckolls | Church Administrator - Minister of Missional Engagement | | ext. 102

What We Offer

Ardmore Baptist Church is blessed with all the resources that this congregation needs to accomplish God’s will through us. The Administration and Support Ministry affords the necessary foundation which makes all other ministries possible. Through this area, we provide the financial, communication, staffing, and facility resources which undergird all of our missional efforts. Together, we demonstrate excellence and generosity in the faithful stewardship and practical management of all our God-given resources: facilities, finances, people, time, and talents.

Stewardship is the fundamental principle that informs the use of our God-given resources. As good stewards, we support the overall work of the church by caring for, preserving, and managing the use of these resources. We strive to do all things decently and in order. Practical management and generosity shape our desire to maximize the use of our facilities and share them with our community.

Our Administration and Support Area is the essential area that keeps the operations of the church running smoothly. Keeping the lights and heating or cooling on, ensuring that the bills are paid, cleaning the facilities, preparing meals, staffing ministries, and communicating important information to the membership are all functions within this ministry area. 

This is basically a helping and serving ministry. People who have the gifts of faith, serving, helping, leadership, and administration are best suited for this ministry. This congregation is supported by many hands who work with numbers and computers, as well as by those who cook and serve, who plant flowers and mow, who answer phones, and who look after our facilities and vehicles. Although much of this work is done behind-the-scenes, this ministry is essential to the life and health of our church.

If this matches your gifts and passion, we encourage you to become part of this vital helping and serving ministry.

Teams/Committees Included in this Area:



Food Services





The Ardmore Express

Each Sunday morning (7:45 a.m. - 12:00 noon), two of our vans will be available to bring you to the church - and return you to the lot after services. Many report that using the Ardmore Express is much easier than hunting a parking place - they use the remote lot every week!

The lot is entered from Melrose Avenue (directions below).

  • From the church, turn right onto Miller Street.Ardmore Express
  • Proceed to the Stop light at Queen Street.
  • Turn left onto Queen Street and proceed to the 4-way Stop sign at Melrose Avenue.
  • Turn right onto Melrose Avenue and proceed to the first parking lot entrance on your right (sign says Miller Plaza 2200).
  • Ardmore Baptist uses the section closest to Miller Street for parking.

 The primary pick-up/drop-off point is the covered entrance on the Elizabeth Avenue side of the church.