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Gina Brock
Associate Pastor - Minister of Adult Faith Formation and Congregational Care
ext. 107


Dr. Gina Brock began serving as Associate Pastor/Minister of Faith Formation and Congregational Care in February 2017.

A native of Charlotte, NC, Gina has served Baptist congregations in Virginia, South Carolina, and Kentucky. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wake Forest University, a Master of Divinity from the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond in Virginia, and a Doctor of Educational Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia.

Gina and her husband, Chip, were married in 1999.  They have one daughter, Rebecca.

From Gina:

In my spare time, I like to read historical fiction books, enjoy a good movie, and find ways to be outside – usually, walking the dog with my husband.  I also love to travel.  It broadens my horizons in ways nothing else can.  I have been privileged to visit such countries as China, Canada, Great Britain, Hungary, Costa Rica, and Germany and am better for it. God’s people are varied and beautiful.

I find inspiration in the outdoors. God’s creation is a masterpiece and my soul finds peace in the way the blue sky meets with the green trees, in how a fresh, white snow slows down the world, in the way the waves crash on a Carolina shore, and in the majesty of our NC mountains.

I am in ministry because God was very present to me during a challenging time in my life. Because God has been present and loving with me, I strive to be present and loving in the lives of others, helping them discover the abundant life Jesus promises us.

Some of my heroes are Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, and Mother Theresa. They inspire me by their self-sacrifice, wisdom, vision, and their fight against injustice. Mother Theresa, especially, impresses me by her kindness.

Something quirky about me is that I took banjo lessons as an adult. I learned playing the banjo is a lot harder than it looks!