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About Our Staff

Ardmore's full time and part time staff and ministers are dedicated to serving the needs of the body and would be happy to talk to you and help you in any way we can! Feel free to call the church and speak with our receptionist, or you may contact a staff member directly below.

Church Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm Mon-Fri
Phone: 336.725.8767
Fax: 336.725.2487


Gina Brock Associate Pastor - Minister of Adult Faith Formation and Congregational Care ext. 107
Dr. Gina Brock began serving as Associate Pastor/Minister of Faith Formation and Congregational Care in February 2017.
David Fitzgerald Minister of Worship, Music, & Arts ext. 103
David Fitzgerald began his work as Minister of Worship, Music, & Arts on January 6, 2014.
Lee Sosebee Ritchie Minister to Children & Families ext. 104
Lee Sosebee Ritchie became Minister with Children and Families at Ardmore Baptist Church in January 2015.
Mike Nuckolls Church Administrator - Minister of Missional Engagement ext. 102
Mike Nuckolls began as Minister of Missional Engagement at Ardmore June 20, 2015. In May, 2016, he also took on the role of Church Administrator.
Dane Martin Minister with Students ext. 105
Dane Martin became the Minister with Students at Ardmore Baptist Church in April 2016.
DeNeal Fowler Minister of Invitation & Hospitality ext. 130
DeNeal Fowler began serving as Ardmore's Minister of Invitation and Hospitality on May 1, 2017. More information to follow.

Support Staff

Janet Hellard Administrative Assistant - Adult Faith Formation Assistant ext. 110
Janet L. Hellard began work as Ardmore Baptist Church’s Administrative Assistant on April 16, 2012. She attended Mitchell Community College and Southeastern Baptist College.
Susan Griffin Financial Assistant ext. 111
Susan Griffin began as Administrative Assistant at Ardmore Baptist Church in August, 2000. Beginning in February, 2012 she became the Financial Assistant.
Kathy Stewart Music & Hospitality Assistant Ext. 112
A longtime member of Ardmore, Kathy Stewart joined the staff as music & hospitality assistant in July 2017.
Debra Norris Communications/Missions Assistant ext. 113
Debra Norris began as Communications/Missions Assistant at Ardmore Baptist Church in October 1995. Debra has been a member of Ardmore Baptist Church since October, 1992.
Elizabeth Lopina Children and Students Assistant ext. 106
Elizabeth Lopina began as Ardmore's part-time Children and Youth Assistant on November 28, 2016. She has worked on and off at St.
Russell McBride Maintenance Supervisor ext. 116
Russell began working at Ardmore Baptist Church in September of 2010.
Esther Hurtado Food Service Director ext. 122
Jonathan Williams Organist
Jonathan Williams moved to Winston-Salem from Thomasville, Alabama, where he served as the Organist/Choirmaster for Thomasville United Methodist Church.
Jim Davidson Music & Arts Educator ext. 128

Ardmore Baptist Church Preschool

Julie Sugg Preschool Director 336-725-3530