Stories of Transformation

The Bible is filled with stories of transformation. Saul meets the Lord on the road to Damascus and his life is changed. A Samaritan woman meets Jesus at a well and becomes an evangelist for him. Timothy is nurtured by his mother and grandmother, leading ultimately to his ministry in the local church.

God continues to work today in the life of people open to his Spirit. The stories on this page tell about the transformative power of God in the lives of people connected to Ardmore Baptist Church. We have made these stories public as a public testimony for what God is doing in and through our congregation today. We hope you will find these stories inspiring and a prompt to greater sensitivity to what God is doing in your life.


Kip and Madison's Story: I know the plans I have for you



Ashley Academy's Story: Students Welcomed Back to School in Caring and Fun Ways



Ralph's Story: Ways the Romany transformed Ralph



Rebecca's Story: Why I want to be baptized



Yen's Story: Why I make partials



Carol's Story: A call from the corporate world to women in need



 Matthew's Story: A law student on mission for Christ



 Cynthia's Story: Born again